Hello my lovers!

I wanted to write a blog post that is so close to my heart, as I am a firm believer in being treated right, not only in relationships but in everyday life, is so important. Today I am going to focus on relationships specefically. Now you may think, well thats just common sense.. but I have watched far too many of my friends fall down a rabbit hole of being treated terribly and just let it happen, mainly because thats all they know.

As the title says, relationships aren't always easy, you have disagreements, you have arguments but at the end of the day there should still be a mutual respect and love. You should be able to express what annoys you or what you are upset about without it seem like a burden on the other person. Now, don't get me wrong, I am no relationship expert, I am still learning everyday but here are some things I think are the downright basics that everyone deserves. 


You shouldn't have to worry if your significant other is going out for the night or what they are doing on their phone. A relationship should not turn you into a ball of anxiety of whether your partner is going to be messaging someone else or meeting up with someone else. Trust is the foundation of a good relationship. Don't let someone walk all over you and play with your trust, you have so much of your life left whether you are 18 or 28, life is WAY too short to stick around with someone who makes you question EVERYTHING.


You deserve communication. Whether that means letting you know when they are pissed off at you or letting you know where you stand in a relationship. There is nothing worse than being shut down by someone you love because they won't let you know what they are thinking or how they are feeling, relationships without communication usually end up in a big blow up argument at one point or another which is so much harder than just sharing how you feel. 


Your significant other should be your biggest cheerleader. Whether its something as big as a new job or something as small as reaching a new goal at the gym, they should show they are proud of you and support you in every aspect of your life. If you want to try something new, they should be cheering you on eagerly, whether that be half way across the world or in the same city. Now, I am not talking about showering you with gifts every time you do something great, I'm talking a simple "I'm so proud of you" text. The little things.


If you find yourself having more bad days than good ones, GET OUT OF THERE. Relationships should be FUN! Whether this is relaxing and watching Netflix together, going out to eat or just ENJOYING EACH OTHERS COMPANY! Don't settle for someone who won't make time for you just to hang out and have fun together. There doesn't always have to be an extravagant plan in place but spend time together! You are important, you don't deserve to be pushed to the side and there is someone out there who would cherish the time with you.


Now, this is definitely one that should be common sense but MY GOSH have I just watched so many of my friends been straight up disrespected by people who 'love' them. Don't let your significant other just push aside your feelings or hurt you over & over again, YOU. DESERVE. BETTER!

So, whether you are in a relationship now or a single pringle, I hope you know what you are worth! It is so easy to lose who you are, your confidence and your personality in a relationship especially if you aren't given room to grow and bloom and you aren't given the time or respect you deserve or want. As scary as it sounds, sometimes you just need to say "fuck this" and move on. A few of my friends have done this lately and its turned out better than ever and they are finally getting treated the way they deserve!

Just know there is someone out there for you who is willing to treat you how you deserve, I promise!

Love always,

Tash xoxo

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