Hello friends!

As you probably know, Valentines Day is around the corner.... Valentines Day can be someones favourite day of the year and sometimes, someones worse day of the year. Either way, love doesn't have to be with significant other or a new crush, love can be celebrated with your best gal pals or even by yourself. True love comes from within, I swear.

If you don't want to spend your Valentines Day moping on the couch, here is some ideas that don't include sitting squashed in a over priced restaurant, barely being able to hear the person you are with. 


One Valentines Day I was working all day and I came home to a tent in the backyard, filled with my favourite snacks and my favourite movie ready to go. We spent the night in the tent and it was like we had gone away for the weekend - we were actually just in the backyard and it was one of the best Valentines Days I've ever had! So grab your friends or your main squeeze, set up a tent and make a night of your favourite food, some wine and download some Netflix movies and ENJOY!


This one is an all-time favourite, you really can't beat it, its cheap, its romantic, its FUN. Grab a cooler bag, a picnic blanket and head to wherever the HELL you want... your backyard, the beach, a clifftop or simply to the park down the road. Eat your favourite food and watch the sun go down with your favourite person.


If you and your special person or friends enjoy something a little more upbeat than a picnic, head to your favourite theme park and zoom around on rides all night. We are talking, candy floss, popcorn, ice cream & a ferris wheel ride to end the night. Grab that unlimited ride pass NOW.


Couples massage? Followed by a sauna... or a facial for you and the bestie. This one isn't as cost effective as a picnic but it sure does hit the spot. Even if you are alone this Valentines Day, nothing quite says self love like a good old massage and facial. You and the best, you and your bae or just YOU. Treat YO SELF!


Ummm... I am not sure about you but making forts is FUN. No matter what age. This is seriously cost effective and if I'm being honest, snuggling and watching Netflix is THE BEST. Building the fort together could make or break your relationship but its all about the challenge, then snuggle up and watch whatever you can agree on! (Plus snacks, don't forget snacks.)

So, whatever you decided to do this Valentine's Day, I hope its filled with love & lots of good food. 

Love always,

Tash xoxo


Image by Hiller Goodspeed