Hello friends!

I decided as my birthday was coming up, I would do 23 facts about me before I turn 23! 


1) Starting a little controversial, I hate avocado. (Inserts crying face emoji here, I wish I could like it. The texture makes me go all wormy) 

2) I don't drive. This needs to change in my 23rd year. (More like I cant drive... Look, I'm learning okay) 

3) I have been in a relationship with Stevo for nearly 6 years, since I was 17. It will probably another 6 years till I get married too. (Sorry to disappoint anyone, I can't even organise myself a birthday, how do people get married at this age? They must have their life together, because I certainly do not) 

4) I don't have my ears pierced. Surprise, if you've ever seen a photo with me wearing earrings... THEY'RE CLIP ONS. 

5) I've never tried an egg.

6) I don't drink coffee. I wish I did, coffees are so grammable.

7) I studied psychology for a year and then dropped out (Why is there so much pressure on high school students to go to uni?! I wasted so much time and money!!!)

8) I have never been anywhere apart from New Zealand & Australia and genuinely not that fussed about it. I just really want to go to Greece. 

7) All I really want in life is my own dogs. (a labradoodle named crumpet and a cavoodle named tucker to be exact).

8) Fries are my favourite food. 

9) I find it so hard to go to events and speak to new people, you think after 4 or 5 years of blogging and events I would be fine but nope, sometimes I would rather avoid events than talk to people.

10) I cried on national TV about Justin Bieber when he first came to New Zealand. No one let me live it down. Its still out there somewhere.

11) I live in a small two bedroom apartment with my boyfriend, my best friend and her boyfriend. 

12) I'm really really blind. I wear glasses in most of my everyday life. But if they don't go with my outfit, I will leave the house blind.

13) I hate being told what to do. If I was about to do something and then you tell me to do it, I will not longer do it haha.

14) I love being at home, I'm a homebody. I would rather stay home eat pizza, netflix, with glass of wine than go out.

15) I have a pyjama fetish. I need a new pair every season.

16) I have an addictive personality. If I like something, I LOVE it.

17) If I am hungry, do not come near me.

18) I love walking. I walk to and from work everyday. It lets out any stress or bad energy.

19) I hate making any type of appointments, doctors, dentist, hairdresser. I would rather cry than call and make an appointment.

20) I hate needles. I can't remember the last time I had a needle near me.

21) I'm terrified of birds. Especially ones that swoop you.

22) I'm very street smart. I'm always aware of whats going on around me.

23) I have no tattoos, I've never had a pedicure and I'm obsessed with fake tanning.