We’ve all been there, days when you truly realise who your true friends are. 

For me, I had to start all over again forming friendships when I moved countries, most of my best friends were still over the ditch in New Zealand. It was hard to form new friendships at 20, when everyone already has their friendship groups and has been friends for years, but it also made me much more aware of the type of people I wanted to spend my time with.

No, I am most definitely not talking about the friend you sometimes have a little tiff with every now and then or the one who has some personality traits that sightly annoy you. I have plenty of friends who can drive me crazy some days but they are still ride or die type of people, the ones you can count on.

I’m talking about the people who are mentally and psychically draining to hang out with, who get angry at you over the tiniest things but literally can never see their own fault, from any angle. I’m talking about the friends you would walk to the end of the earth for, yet they wouldn’t even move a small mountain for you. Those type of friends who literally make you and everyone around them feel like bad people.

You are not a bad person, a bad friend or deserve to be ditched or treated like shit by the people who are meant to lift you up the most, your friends should be the people who bring out the greatest version of yourself, who have more to talk about than just themselves and who genuinely want the best for you. 

As I’m coming close to my 23rd year around the sun, I’ve never been more happy to have quality not quantity when it comes to friends. Next time you find yourself feeling bad about who you are and your friends have made you feel that way, have a think about whether or not they are bringing more drama into your life than their friendship is worth. You are golden baby, don’t forget it.

Love always,

Tash xoxo