Hey friends,

Recently I have been pondering over what I am going to do with the rest of my life and why I simply just don't have it all figured out by now. I've only been in my 20's for (almost) three years now and one thing is for sure, they go way too damn fast and each year you find yourself asking the same questions. Here is 20 lil things to help you to survive your twenties, you may or may not need them.

1) Stop comparing yourself to other twenty-somethings.

This is my biggest downfall. Most people I love have finished university and have got the jobs they love or if anything, a job that is somewhat relevant to their future. Here I am, still studying, interning, working in retail and not that much closer to figuring out my life. It is way too easy to compare yourself to others, try to remember that everyones path is different and where you are at shouldn't make you feel ashamed. Be happy for your other twenty-somethings and have faith in yourself.

2) Look after your body.

You aren't 17 anymore and your body doesn't like to be thrashed like it used to. Don't get me wrong, McDonalds fries after a night out are everything, but its all about balance. Eat them veggies!

3) Be your own best friend.

Throughout your twenties, people will come and go. You have got to be your own best pal and learn how to do things on your own, go to the beach, go have lunch on your own or just simply go for walks alone. Learning to be by yourself is one of the best things you could do, its a time to refuel your soul and think about life in general.

4) Stop settling.

Its exactly what it sounds like. There is the right person out there for you, don't settle for average. Have fun. Mess around. Do not settle for someone who is just convenient, love should be fun.

5) Save your money.

Stop spending all your money every weekend and convincing yourself buying tequila shots for the whole table is a good idea. Living off $5 till payday will not work for the rest of your life, even if its putting away $10 of your pay a week or having one less drink at the club.

6)  Make your own success.

Don't worship someone who might not be there in the end, far too many people depend on their significant others to be somewhere in life. You are your own person, with your own talents, and the world is at your feet, don't let it slip away.

7) Remember that Instagram is a damn good highlight reel.

No one is going to post a photo of themselves crying because a slight life mishap or how shit they looked when they woke up in the morning, Instagram is to share the best and most interesting parts of your life so don't get caught up in wishing your life was like someones Instagram life.

8) Maintain a relationship with your parents/grandparents.

Obviously this one is circumstancial but if your parents have been pretty damn good parents whilst you were growing up, start treating them like it. Don't move out and never speak to them again, send them a text to let them know you love them or you are thinking of them. People are gone quicker than we know it, especially those most important to us. 

9) Drink the damn water.

No one is around to remind you to drink water anymore (except maybe some posts on Instagram) but water is important, staying hydrated is important and water makes you feel pretty good. If you are reading this and haven't had water today, you are naughty as hell.

10) Make time for yourself.

Life in your twenties is busy, its true. Make time to sit down every once and a while and do what you enjoy doing. Whether that be watching a Netflix show at night or just reading a magazine for half an hour, you deserve it. 

11) You don't have to stay friends with people just because you've been friends forever.

I see far too many people staying friends with people just cause they've been friends since they were 5, yet they treat them like shit. Time makes no difference, you could be friends with someone for a week and they could be a better friend than your bestie of 20 years. These are the best years to make lifelong friends, you don't need to stay friends with awful people from high school who you no longer have any common interests with. 

12) Listen to your body.

If you've had a headache for three days straight or constantly have a sore stomach, go to the damn doctor. Stop googling your symptoms (it will tell you that you only have 3 hours to live, I can tell you that now) 

13) Let go of the shitty job.

You don't deserve to be treated like shit in a job thats underpaying and under valuing you, a lot of our twenties is spent at work, it shouldn't be that bad of a place or a place where you dread going.

14) Learn to love who you are.

You have been around the sun 20+ times, this is what you look like, what you enjoy doing and a good idea of who you will be. Learn to accept who you are, even with all your faults and lil jiggly parts. We are all SO different, yet all so special. Don't forget it.

15) Speak up for yourself.

I don't mean screaming down your workplace over one little inconvenience with your manager but let your voice be heard, you won't get anywhere without asking for what you want. Your voice can take you further than you would imagine.

16) Stop spending money you don't have.

The credit card bill will come and you will wonder if wearing the new season Bec & Bridge out for one night was worth it. 

17) Buy Powerade before you go on a night out.

This may sound like a weird one but hangovers in your twenties are the real fucking deal, put a Powerade in the fridge and in the morning you may still have a hungover, but at least you won't have the walk of shame to woolies for Powerade.

18) Learn to let go.

Let go of the boy who broke your heart. Let go of your friends who ditched you. The job you desperately wanted and didn't get? Let go. Everything happens for one reason or another, its going to be okay.

19) Stop complaining.

You are responsible for your own happiness. Complain when absolute necessary only, nobody in their twenties wants to be hanging out with someone who is constantly complaining, the twenties are hard enough as they are.

20) Realise that your twenties are going to fly by so fast.

You will wake up one day and be thirty and wonder where time went. Your twenties should be some of the best years of your life, figure it out but also have fun with it. Some years will be better than others and you will probably have a lot of downs with ups to balance them out but remember that you got this.

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