If you have followed me for a wee while you would know that I moved out of home and to Sydney last year! Everyone who knows me knows I am a very homely person and a family person, it was a huge step. Moving out of home is a big thing for most people but moving countries as well in the mix makes it a huge stepping stone! I thought for today's post I could give my best possible tips for moving out of home, even if its just down the road from your rents house. I'm still learning new things everyday, so these are the basics.

1) Save. Save. Save. SAVE. S A V E.

I wish I could stress this enough! Save as much as you can, don't rush to move out if your home life circumstances are good. Saving enough money was the best thing I ever did for myself. Bills can pop out of nowhere and having secure money behind you for incidents, random bills & FOOD is so useful. If you want to move out anytime soon, start putting a little bit of money aside each week in a different account you cant touch. It's worth it.

2) Move in with the right people.

If you are planning to move out with friends or in to a place with people you don't know, make sure they are on the same level as you. I couldn't think of anything worse than living with people who aren't on the same level with you. I have heard way too many horror stories of friends living together and totally ruining friendships, if you have sleepovers with your best friend but cant wait to get her out the door the next day, don't live with her. Living together means being together ALOT of the time, make sure you are moving in with someone you can actually tolerate. 

3) Start buying little things here & there.

Living with mum and dad its easy to forget what you actually need. Unless you are moving countries where it would be a little difficult to buy things and put them aside, go to Kmart and buy cute cutlery or that pillow that will probably look good on your couch in your future house. In all serious-ness though, it will make it a lot cheaper if you do it over time while you are at the rents house rather than moving in and needing a whole houses worth of cutlery. I never knew how many times I would need scissors or a good knife. 

4) Throw out that dress you never wear anymore, start fresh.

I am the queen of hoarding and this is something I wish I did. When I came to Australia I brought way too many things I never even use. Start fresh in a new home, don't start with clutter. If you do need it later on, you can buy a new one. You do not need that dress you wore to that costume party 3 years ago or that weird fluffy thing that sits on your side table and collects dust.

5) Breathe.

Its going to be okay. Signing leases, electricity bills, internet bills and paying rent can seem like a big black hole that you aren't quite ready for yet but I promise you, it will be fine. Make sure you are well aware of what you have to pay and when, keep on top of everything, make sure you make yourself lots of big meals so you never go hungry & drink lots of water to stay hydrated. If everything comes crashing down on you, don't be too scared to go have a sleepover at the rents.. There's no place quite like home and a good home cooked meal.

Love always,

Tash xox