Long distance relationships... The good, the bad and the 'it could be worse'

A move to Sydney not only involved leaving my family behind, my home behind and everything I know, basically. I also left (didn't literally leave, don't sweat it) my boyfriend of 3 and a half years at home to finish university! When you've spent so many years with someone and so much time with someone, the thought of leaving them for 6 months or longer can be slightly daunting. Although its hard, we are all our own people and branching out on our own to try new things is the beauty of life and love itself! This post is for maybe the girl who wants to make a move overseas or maybe just wants to do a 6 month exchange but just needs that extra push because their partner will have to stay in their hometown. It's a scary thought for most people but heres some of my top tips that have helped myself (and my best friend Tash) get through being in a long distance relationship from being with each other basically 24/7.

1. Keep yourself busy

There's nothing that will make you turn in to a crazy lady like sitting at home over thinking. We've all done it. There is so many fun things to do out there, go out to lunch by yourself, go shopping, spend time with friends, go to the gym! If you're constantly keeping yourself busy and occupied, you wont even notice how many days are passing by and it'll be your next Skype date before you even know it.

2. Communication.

Going days without talking is not the key to a long distance relationship. Now, we aren't talking about Skyping 24/7 but a 'hi, how was your day' is enough. If there is anything I have learnt, Skype is ok at the best of times, Facebook messenger is actually best for video chatting (No, I'm not joking). Viber will cut you out in the middle of you saying how your day was and you'll most likely find yourself chatting to your other half while stuffing your food down your mouth in your 45 minute lunch break because when you get home, its basically midnight on that side of the world. 

3. Photos, videos, anything.

If anyone ever tells me I take too many photos again, I will slap them. There is no other time I have wanted to pat myself on the back for being such a photo crazy lady, not only photos with my boyfriend but with everyone! When you are in different countries, you live for moments like these. You are literally living through these photos, you wont get any new ones till you next see them.. It's a weird feeling. If you are feeling like you are missing them a little too much - just looking at some good, happy photos can give you a mushy feeling and make you feel a little better.

4. Things to look forward to.

There's nothing that will get you through a long distance relationship like planning future adventures. If you know when you next will see them, counting down the days will make life that little bit more exciting. Plan things to do with them next time you see them and make a little countdown on your phone or on your wall, they will get you through the next few months!

So... Here's to the end of my first lifestyle post. This is one for the guys and the gals, if you are wanting to do that overseas experience or exchange and your partner wont be able to make it - don't sweat the small stuff! Communication, trust and some good Skype dates will get you through it. It's not nearly as bad as everyone makes it out to be - you'll be fine! If you are worried, go out and explore the world and if your significant other isn't there at the end of the day when you get back, it probably wasn't meant to be and you're a sassy independent human being who will get back on track in no time! Don't waste time on someone who wont let you go out in to the world and do you and will still be there at the end of the day, life's too short.

Hang in there.

Love always,